Indin Lake Gold Project

Merc controls the majority of the prospective Indin Lake Greenstone Belt in this historic gold camp with a total ground position now comprising 209,763 acres or 84,888 hectares. This gold camp is located approximately 200 kilometres North of Yellowknife, NT.

The Indin Lake Greenstone Belt is one of Canada's most underexplored gold camps. It lies withinthe West Bay - Indin Lake Fault Zone, which extends over 200km from the Giant and Con Gold Mines (approximately 13 million ounces of production) in the south, to the Colomac Gold Mine (approximately 500 thousand ounces production) within its northern bounds. Merc believes this structure has played a major role in the development and localization of Indin Lake Gold Camp mineralization, much the same role as that of other large regional fault systems, such as the Destor-Porcupine Fault's influence on gold deposition within the Timmins Gold Camp.

The property contains 14 known gold deposits and showings, of which 3 are historic mines.

The yellow lines bound the West-Bay Indin Lake fault zone. Outlined properties have been drilled or prospected by Merc. Stars depict known gold deposits or showings.

For more information on prospected and drilled properties within the Indin Lake gold camp, see the links on the left.